All of the following science projects can be completed in
school, during TA or after school, with Ms. Kelley.

Does the amount of light on plants affect their growth?

Does the amount of water given plants affect their growth?

What is the effect of detergent on bean seeds?

Does gender affect reaction time?

Does the amount of sugar present affect the amount of CO2
made by yeast?

Does amount of glycerin affect the length of time a bubble will

Does temperature affect the behavior of a meal worm?

Does color of light affect plant growth?

Does type of growing medium (sand, clay, peat moss, etc) affect
plant growth?

Does freezing seeds affect the ability to germinate?

Does gravity affect the direction of plant growth?

Does acid rain affect plant growth?

Does air freshener affect plant growth?

Does exposing a seed to microwave radiation affect plant

Does centripetal force affect plant growth?

Does talking to plants (and releasing CO2 onto them) affect plant

Does light affect meal worm activity?

Does caffeine affect meal worm activity?

Does brand of battery affect flashlight on-time length?

Does chewing spearmint flavored gum affect quiz score?

Does brand of antacid affect ability to neutralize acid?


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