Here are some topic ideas to stir your imagination. You do not have to
use these.  They are intended to help you come up with your own ideas.
Some of these need to be rewritten in the format:

Does the independent variable affect  the dependent variable?

** = means requires adult supervision and teacher help

1.        Will vitamins affect the growth of a plant?
2.        Do weed killers affect house plants?
3.        How do the moon phases affect plant germination?
4.        How fast do roots grow?
5.        Does the amount of light on plants affect their growth?
6.        Does the amount of water given plants affect their growth?
7.        What is the effect of detergent on bean seeds?
8.        Under what color light do plants grow best?
9.        In what kind of material (sand, clay, etc.) do seeds grow best?
10.        What is the effect of chlorinated water on plant growth?
11.        How does the number of seeds produced by different plants compare?
12.        Will frozen seed sprout?
13.        Will plants grow better in soil or water?
14.        What can be done to increase the decomposing rate of plants?
15.        Do living plants give off moisture?
16.        Do living plants give off oxygen?
17.        What is the effect of fats and cholesterol on plants?
18.        Do some plants grow better with similar neighboring plants or different types of
19.        Does sound affect the direction of plant growth?
20.        Does light affect the direction of plant growth?
21.        Does gravity affect the direction of plant growth?
22.        Can a tomato plant be grafted to a potato plant and will it grow better?
23.        What effect does oil have on plants that grow in water?
24.        Do coleus plants benefit from adding eggshells to the soil?'
25.        The effects of over fertilization of lima bean plants
26.        The growth of electrostatically separated seeds
27.        Toxic soil - lead in your diet
28.        How sewage sludge affects plant growth
29.        What is the effect of flat, side, and cleft grafting on different cacti?
30.        How cadmium contamination of soil affects lettuce plants
31.        Plant germination/growth and magnetism of seeds
32.        What effect does gravity have on plant, root and stem growth?
33.        The effect of acid rain on plant life
34.        Determining changes in growth, appearance, biomass, cell structure and germination of
tomato seeds and seedlings exposed to different doses of radiation by gentle and massive
35.        The effect of filtered and unfiltered sunlight on plant growth direction (phototropism)
36.        Does removing the tips from young shoots affect their growth? (auxins)
37.        Determining the effect of different light sources on hydroponic growth
38.        Do air fresheners affect plants?
39.        The effect of ion concentration and hydroponic response (using tap, distilled & spring
40.        The effect of microwave radiation on the growth and development of bean plants
41.        Determining the effects of inorganic and organic fertilizers on coleus plants
42.        The effect of battery powered electricity on the growth of radishes
43.        How does the amount and type of fertilizer affect a pepper plant?
44.        Determining the rate of starch production in a bean leaf through photosynthesis
45.        Nutrient solutions and hydroponic plants
46.        Can plants grow taller if exposed to blowing air?  
47.        Determining if various glucose solutions affect tomato seedling growth
48.        Does the size of a wheat seed affect its growth performance?
49.        How do earthworms affect the growth of bush bean plants?
50.        Which plant extracts can be used as indicators to determine acidic or basic solutions?
51.        Determining the effect of acid rain on aquatic plants
52.        The effect of soap sprays on bean plants
53.        Determining the above soil effects of gibberellic acid & indole-3-acetic acid on dwarf peas

54.        Does the pH of water affect plant growth?
55.        Plant wars: Alfalfa autotoxicity - effects of alfalfa in soil previously planted with alfalfa
56.        At what depth does a nasturtium seed grow the fastest?
57.        What are the effects of nitrogen phosphorus, and potassium on beefsteak tomato
58.        Does cotyledon removal affect the germination and growth of peanut embryos?
59.        Determining how to keep cut flowers as fresh as daisies
60.        Do auxins promote root formation from various houseplant cuttings?
61.        Combinations of organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, & weed preventatives & bean plants
62.        Cryopreservation of seeds and growth of tomato, lima bean, asparagus, and cucumber
63.        The effects of compost and gibberellic acid on plant growth
64.        The effects of chlorine and plant healthiness
65.        The effects of crowding and bean plant growth
66.        Determining which color of light (red or blue) has the most phototropic effect on plant
67.        The effect of beta carotene increase the growth of plants?
68.        Does centrifugal force affect plant growth?
69.        Plant nutrients or pollutants: how plants are affected by ice melting salt and motor oil
70.        The effects of thermal pollution on germination and growth of plants
71.        The effects of environmental stress on plant growth
72.        Germination - how monocots and dicots differ - the effects of heat, light, carbon dioxide,
level, etc. on germination rate
73.        Photosynthesis - factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis temperature, light intensity,
water, carbon dioxide - part of light spectrum used in photosynthesis
74.        Leaf - do the numbers and sizes of stomata vary with different plants - what happens if
stomata are covered and why
75.        Roots - how much water is used by different plants - what is the effect of temperature,
sunlight, etc., on the use of water (transpiration) - how do different types of soils affect the ability
roots to anchor plants - what factors encourage root growth and what is the effect of water,
soil type, minerals on root growth
76.        Plant growth - determine the effects of various nutrients, amounts of water, hours of
strength of weed killer, temperature, pollutants, pH levels on plant growth and crop yields - can
plants live without oxygen, carbon dioxide - what percentages of various plants is water
77.        Use seedlings started from seed with three types of soil and >different rates of fertilizer
78.        Comparing types of artificial light on plant growth
79.        Plant tropisms and growth hormones
80.        Transpiration rates for different plants and conditions
81.        Does releasing CO2 on plants (by talking to them) improve plant growth?
82.        Sugar level in plant sap at different times and dates
83.        Root formation in cuttings versus lighting conditions
84.        Factors affecting flowering
85.        Comparison of plant's ability to add humus to the soil
86.        Factors affecting nodule formation in legumes
87.        Can household compounds (e.g. tea) be used to promote good health in plants
88.        The effects of water impurities on plant growth
89.        The effects of phosphates on aquatic plants
90.        Effect of mineral deficiencies on protein content in soybeans
91.        The effect of excess salinity on plants
92.        The effect of polarized light on plant growth direction
93.        The effects of solar activity on plant growth
94.        Tracing solar activity cycles in tree growth rings
95.        The effects of electric fields on plants
96.        The effects of magnetic fields on plant growth
97.        Effects of magnetism on the size and frequency of blooms and fruits
98.        Does magnetizing seeds before planting affect growth
99.        Does exposing a seed to microwave radiation affect plant growth?
100.        The effect of music of varying types and duration on plants
101.        Organic fertilizer versus chemical Fertilizer
102.        Does human hair affect the growth of plants?
103.        Which color of light causes green beans to grow best?

104.        Are there more living things in 1 m2 of sandy soil or 1 m2 of fertilized soil in my
backyard (or
other soil types)?
105.        Can mice distinguish color?
106.        How do mealworms respond to light?
107.        How does an earthworm react to light and darkness?
108.        Do different kinds of caterpillars eat different amounts of food?
109.        Do mint plants repel insects?
110.        What color of flowers attract hummingbirds best?
111.        What colors attract moths and other insects at night?
112.        Does temperature affect the flash rate of fireflies?
113.        At what rate do pets drink water?
114.        What is the effect of temperature on the activity of (mealworms, crickets, etc.)?
115.        Do protozoa react to changes in the environment?
116.        Do brine shrimp (sea monkeys) react to changes in the environment?  
117.        Is polarized light the guidance system for Foraging ants?
118.        A study of stimuli that attract mosquitoes
119.        The factors affecting the rate at which a cricket chirps
120.        How Ph affects Brine Shrimp?
121.        The effects of various concentrations of sucrose (sugar) and insulin on Brine Shrimp
122.        The effects of vitamins B-complexes and C on Paramecium
123.        Does the presence of red worms affect the rate of decomposition?
124.        The effect of acid rain on goldfish
125.        Which food is preferable for hamsters?
126.        Ant's behavior with other insects
127.        What is the effect of caffeine on mealworms?
128.        Effects of centripetal force on fruit flies
129.        Do daphnia respond to caffeine?
130.        The effectiveness of Antiseptics and Soaps on household bacteria  
131.        The effects of anti-bacterial hand gel versus regular hand washing on bacteria
132.        Do mouthwashes kill microbes?
133.        Does garlic kill bacteria?
134.        Motor oil and the growth of elodea
135.        The effect of Beta Carotene on Sunflower Plants
136.        Does toothpaste kill bacteria?
137.        The effects of caffeine on the growth of bacteria
138.        Do goldfish chemicals they sell you really help the fish adapt to the new aquarium?
139.        Environmental preferences of meal worms
140.        Light intensity & vertical migration of daphnia
141.        The effect of salt on planarians
142.        Bird feeder color: What do birds prefer?
143.        Do cats or dogs demonstrate a paw preference?
144.        Study of insect behavior versus population density  
145.        Do herbicides affect nitrogen-fixing bacteria?
146.        The effect of humidity on the growth of mushrooms
147.        What conditions are favorable for: -fungus growth- E.G. yeast, mold, mildew diseases -
mushroom production -growing brine shrimp -algae growth -bacteria growth or control- mutations
rooting cuttings -the survival of Planaria -the growth of nitrogen fixing bacteria -lichen growth
148.        The preferred pH level in the soil for various plants
149.        The effect of sound on plants
150.        Plants in different environments (light intensity, color)
151.        The effect of yeast on mold growth
152.        The effect of temperature on mold growth
153.        The effect of humidity on mold growth  

154.        Does the moon rise every night at the same time and in the same location?
155.        How accurate are long-range weather forecasts?
156.        Is rainwater absorbed at the same rate in different kinds of soil?
157.        From which direction does the wind blow most frequently?
158.        Is it warmer under the snow or on top of the snow?
159.        Does temperature of water affect the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water
oxygen content)?

160.        Which grows faster, body hair or scalp hair?
161.        How do genetics affect fingerprints (are twins fingerprints the same, are siblings
fingerprints similar, etc)?
162.        Do all people have the same average body temperature?
163.        Are certain dominant traits exhibited in the same family?
164.        Who has bigger hands, boys or girls?
165.        How accurately can you tell the temperature of an object by touch?
166.        Who are generally taller, boys or girls?
167.        How fast do muscles get tired – do they get tired faster in different types of people
(girls vs.
boys, athletic vs. non-athletic, tall vs. short, etc)?

168.        What is the effect of heat when dissolving sugar? Salt?
169.        What is the effect of salt on icy sidewalks?
170.        What is the acidity of various household products – are cleaning products more acidic?
171.        **Do different types of fabrics burn at different speeds?
172.        **What kind of materials can put out a fire?
173.        Does light affect the shape of crystals?  Does temperature affect the shape of crystals?
174.        Can seawater be "desalted" by freezing?
175.        How is the strength of a magnet affected by glass, cardboard and plastic?
176.        What is the best shape for a kite?
177.        How does a pulley help you work?
178.        Does the use of paint prevent the formation of rust?
179.        Which holds two materials together better, a screw or a nail?
180.        Do all objects fall at the same speed?
181.        How does the weight of a pendulum affect the swing?
182.        How is the distance a cart rolls affected by the mass in the cart?
183.        On what kind of surface will a ball roll fastest?
184.        Which kind of metal conducts heat best?
185.        Does sound travel best through solid, liquid or gas?
186.        What materials provide the best insulation?
187.        What is the effect of temperature on the volume of air?
188.        How does the length of a vibrating body affect sound?
189.        How does the design of a paper (or wooden) airplane affect its flight?
190.         Air speed and auto body design
191.        Two styles of model rockets: speed tracked with Infrared film
192.        Fin designs for optimum model rocket height & stability
193.        Does amount of water affect the height of water bottle rocket flight?
194.        Does nose cone mass affect the height of water bottle rocket flight?
195.        Which paper plane design produces best flight results?  
196.        The effect of shape and angle of attack on the lift of an airfoil
197.        Comparing size and air resistance of model cars in a wind tunnel
198.        Nose cone designs and drag in vertical flight
199.        How degree of an airfoil's flap affects its lift
200.        Effect of wing shape & size on distance of unpowered plane
201.        Do multiple wings (airfoils) produce more lift?
202.        Which angle of launch sends a straw rocket the greatest distance?  
203.        Which shape of parachute slows the fall of an object the most?  
204.        Which airfoil thickness provides the most lift?
205.        The effect of length & width of wings on the lift of a plane

206.        Which chewing gum holds its flavor the best?
207.        Which detergent breaks up oil best?
208.        How does the absorption rate of various paper towels differ?
209.        Which detergent makes the most bubbles?
210.        How does the wattage of a light bulb affect energy use?
211.        Which brand of glue holds two boards together best?
212.        Which brand of popcorn pops fastest?
213.        Which type of battery makes toys run longest?
214.        Which type of diaper holds the most water?
215.        What material is the best insulator
216.        Do dogs like different colored foods better?
217.        Do soap bubbles last longer on warm or cold days?
218.        What is the best method, other than heat, to melt ice?
219.        **Does different octane gas (unleaded vs. regular vs. premium) affect gas mileage?
220.        What soils are best to build a house on?
221.        What is the best way to dispose of paper?   
222.        Effect of background music on learning
223.        Effects of different types of noise on concentration
224.        Do video games affect heart rate?
225.        Does the phase of the moon affect human behavior?
226.        Does chocolate affect human behavior?
227.        Does age affect the ability to remember a list of words?
228.        The effect of birth order on personality
229.        Who does better on tests? Visual vs. auditory learners
230.        How color conditioning affects taste perception
231.        Effects of the anapestic beat with music and no music on math productivity
Anapestic is two short syllables followed by one long syllable – like seventeen, or in the verse:
the night before Christmas when all the through the house”
232.        Optical illusions & age, handedness, or wearing of glasses
233.        Does gender affect reaction time?
234.        How do pupils react to different stimuli (light, music, physical activity, etc)?
235.        Left brain or right brain: Which gender is in their right mind?
236.        Visual & verbal stimuli and short term memory  
237.        The effects of visual aid on memory
238.        Memory and color: Does color affect memory?'
239.        Does color or paper and writing affect reading comprehension?
240.        Does age affect equilibrium?
241.        Does practice improve golf putting performance?
242.        Genetic Studies - connections between hair and eye color, gender and left
hair color and strength - family studies on inheritance  
243.        Learning and perception in animals and humans
244.        Studies of memory span and memory retention
245.        Age versus learning ability
246.        A study of the relation between physical exercise and learning ability
247.        Is audio or visual information better remembered
248.        Determining the water absorption characteristics of different types of wood  
249.        Factors affecting the strength of hair – do different shampoos affect the strength of hair
250.        Does eating a granola bar affect running time?
251.        Does drinking orange juice before a test affect test scores?
252.        Does eating candy during a quiz improve the quiz grade?
253.        Does chewing spearmint gum improve quiz grades?
254.        The Detergent Battle Goes On: Concentrate Or Regular?
255.        Household Cleaning Agents: Are They All The Same?
256.        Which Antacid Works Best?
257.        A Comparison Of The Vitamin C Content In Pears and Carrots In The Fresh, Frozen,
Canned States
258.        How Much Acid Do Different Brands of Aspirin Contain?
259.        Can A Coating on A Bulb Make It More Energy Efficient?
260.        Which Orange Drink Has The Most Vitamin C?
261.        Are Nutrition Labels On Food Packages Correct?
262.        Does having a print on a paper towel affect absorption rate?
263.        Comparing Ph Levels In Different Shampoos – which pH level is most effective?
264.        The Effect of Packaging And Cooking On The Vitamin C In Green Beans
265.        Which Battery Really Keeps On Going And Going?
266.        Does The Price of A Soccer Ball Have An Effect On Its Performance?
267.        The Effect Of Hair Coloring On The Strength Of Hair
268.        Which light bulb last longest – fluorescent or incandescent?
269.        How effective are different stain removers?
270.        Which Chip Is Greasiest?
271.        Which Additive Makes Cut Flowers Last Longest?
272.        Fluoride - Does It Make A Difference?
273.        Watery Apples? Which Contains The Most
274.        Which Soap Is Best?
275.        Detecting Vitamin C In Fruits And Vegetables
276.        Does A Product's Label Affect Buying Habits?
277.        Does color affect winning ability?
278.        Which Bandage Has The Best Adhesive?
279.        Shoe Wars – Which shoes improve the performing of skate boarding, basketball or
280.        Can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction than from others?
281.        How strong are nylon fishing lines?
282.        How strong are plastic wraps?
283.        What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball?
284.        Which material of ball creates the greatest bounce (rubber, plastic, foam, etc)?
285.        How strong is a toothpick?
286.        Do color overlays affect reading comprehension?
287.        The effects of gender on short-term memory ability
288.        Does the color of print affect the brain?
289.        How do study conditions affect the learning process?
290.        What is the effect of color-coding on the test scores of students?
291.        Does age affect taste perception?
292.        Do certain smells help you to learn?
293.        How does vision affect our taste?
294.        Relationship between age and response time
295.        What is the effect of different smells on blood pressure/heart rate?
296.        The effects of birth order on grade average
297.        How do weather conditions affect the volume of different foods?
298.        Which antacid neutralizes acid the best?
299.        Does the type of solute (salt, sugar, pepper, etc.) in water affect the boiling point of
300.        Does the type of solute in water affect the melting point of water?

301.         How many rotor blades give maximum lift for a helicopter?
302.        Bridge structure – how does toothpick bridge design affect ability to hold weight?
303.        Which toothpick structure shape (square, triangle, circle, etc) affect strength?

304.        Does the type of environment affect the rate of bread molding?
305.        Effects of temperature on bacterial growth in buttermilk
306.        Study of mold growth on different fruits and vegetables
307.        Does phytoplankton grow better in warmer or colder temperatures?
308.        How effective are different known antibacterial substances?

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